The 7leagueboot GT Cobra series




For years now, our many clients trust


We proudly present: the new GT series!


The GT series stands for:






What are the advantages of the GT-series, compared with the current 7leagueboot models?



Possibility of Choice


So every customer can choose from the beginning, if he wants to go with a standard knee bar or a front step in system.


Spring with APL-Technique


The spring was refined for even better dynamics an more durability. The incredible performance is made possible by the A(dvanced)P(ower)L(ayer) technique! More performance with less strain! 



Design meets performance and safety!  



Rubber soles



Design meets functionality and safety!



 Knee bar mounting system



Design meets stability and safety!




Knee bar system Cobra 


Front step in system with additional padding. Easily stepping in, easily closing, easily achieving comfort!


Design meets comfort and funktionality!







Available in the weight classes:


Raptor (50kg-70kg)

T-Rex (70kg-90kg)

T-Rex Energy (80kg-100kg)

S-Rex (90kg-120kg)

Attention! Always take a look at our spring chart before you choose your model!


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